About Micesus

Sustainability is not a sacrifice; it is the key to lasting success. Reshaping the MICE industry with creative sustainability

MiceSus was created to inspire businesses and governments to help combat overwhelming global economic and financial challenges, aspire to environmental security and social equality as well as enriching the world’s cultural diversity. We do this by applying innovative sustainable solutions to a wide range of business challenges.We are an emerging leader in providing cost-effective, advanced sustainable event production and management services for both large international corporations and small local initiatives. Our difference is that we focus exclusively on environmental sustainability within a wide range of corporate events and business needs. This means that whatever project you’re planning, we can provide you with sustainable options, which suit your budget – reducing your outlay but not your options.

Our Divisions

Exhibitions & Events

A total package of sustainable exhibition and event production essentials, including:
•Sustainable Exhibition Stands (MSRS Rating) | Authentic designs for your sophisticated sustainable exhibition stand.
•Sustainable Exhibition Stand Design | Exclusive designs of environmentally engineered exhibition stands from certified sustainable materials.
•Sustainable Exhibition Show Consultation | Innovative sustainable solutions for your unforgettable exhibition show.
•Sustainable Events | Creative sustainable management of your special events.
•Carbon Footprint Management | Individual carbon footprint assessment, monitoring, reporting and offsetting solutions for climate-friendly projects.
•Project Waste Management Services | Smart reducing, recycling and reusing project waste strategies.


Kiosks are ideal as a small-scale showcase for products and ideas, which require more portability and less space than a full-sized exhibition stand. Suitable for anywhere from shopping malls to hotel foyers, MiceSus kiosks combine all the benefits of our innovative sustainability with the highest levels of finish and service.


Consistent and coherent branding is vital in today’s fast-paced business environment in order to promote a clear and instantly recognisable message. From high-profile international conferences to corporate identities, we leave no detail to chance.


Our animated representations of interiors, concepts and exhibitions stands bring a project to life before a single elements has been built. It’s a highly successful and cost-effective method of visualising a concept and can provide a unique perspective on the eventual outcome.

Personalized Bus Interiors

Whether you need to drive home a corporate message on the move, deliver a VIP experience or create a fun environment for kids, our personalised bus interiors can be adapted to your precise specification.

Interactive Elements

Touch Screens, Augmented Reality and Projection Mapping are just some of the ways in which we can present important information and ideas, harnessing the power of today’s technology.

Video Games

Learning through play is an effective and fun way for children of all ages to learn key messages about the importance of sustainability for now and into the future.