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July 16, 2015
MiceSus ADCCI@WFES2015 3D CaseStudy Exhibition
June 13, 2016
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The 22nd Smart Government and Smart Cities conference was recently held in Dubai, under the theme of ‘Building the Future and Smart Cities’. Emirates Transport, a leading exponent of using the benefits of technology to improve both how the organisation functions and the quality of its services for its stakeholders and users, commissioned a stunning ‘smart’ stand to demonstrate the advances it has made in recent years.

The conference addressed the challenges faced by governments and business organisations in the region in preparing for the vision and implementation of smart government and smart cities and focused on the patterns of change and engagement which governments currently face in preparing for the digital world in which we now live.
MiceSus was commissioned to design and implement the stand which features today’s prevailing and most accessible technology, the smart phone, to highlight the interaction between Emirates Transport and those wishing to access its services. The result was a stunning and accessible sustainable stand, albeit on a relatively small footprint which demonstrates a smart use of space in which to tell Emirate Transport’s story of success.